For the cover of Doug Pederson’s memoir we had a major limitation: no photoshoot could be worked into Doug’s coaching schedule. We conducted an exhaustive search of images taken over the course of his NFL career, and arrived at 5 different parts of 2 separate photographs that would need to be combined into our final image. Of course, it needed to be seamless . . . so, after some focused time in my old friend photoshop, I arrived here:

first step: choose crop and clean up that background!

Next up, reshuffling the elements in the main photo to make Coach feel like he’s really IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION, and Last but not least, let’s find a picture of him where he’s a little happier, huh? Swap!

After that it was just a simple matter of replacing that grey background with a metallic silver ink, and building those emboss plates 🙂


Many thanks for the art direction by Amanda Kain!